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Fusion Audio Recordings is an experimental music record label founded in 1999. During its original 3-year run, FAR released 23 cassettes, CDs and CD-Rs (and one 7" record) by artists from Argentina, Germany, Puerto Rico, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the U.S. mainland. Artists to appear on the label included Aluminum Noise (Jason Crumer and Nathan Hobbs), Armitage VI (David Flick), Jorge Castro (solo and with Claudio Chea in Cornucopia), DBS (Scott Sturgis), Jliat (James Whitehead), Ovum (Karl Midholm), Pablo Reche, Martin Steinebach's Conscientia Peccati, Monoid and StillStand projects; Stolen Light (Brett Lunceford), Suspicion Breeds Confidence (Tobias Schmitt) and R4 (Barry D. Scheffel).

FAR is relaunching in 2022 to release new music and offer some of the label's original releases to a new generation of experimental music listeners. On Jan. 1, FAR opened a new online shop through Big Cartel. Seven of FAR's releases from 2000 and 2001 are available for $6 or less.

R4 mini CDR cover

New sounds

Fusion Audio Recordings' first new disc in more than 20 years is now available. Experimental sound creator (and label founder) R4 presents a 20-minute noise-ambient composition recorded late last year on a limited edition mini CDR.

Like R4's previous two solo titles on this label, each copy of the mini CDR comes with a painted cover (water color on paper). Thirty-six numbered copies of this release have been made.

Currently available

A few of the label's back catalog releases are available directly from FAR for the first time in two decades. These are unsold, well-preserved copies of the original editions that went into storage after the label ceased operations in early 2002. A limited quantity of each of these are available. Currently FAR's web store has in stock:

Digital reissues from Oxidation Records

Oxidation Records logo

Seven FAR releases are part of a trove of rare and endangered titles that have been preserved by Marc Benner and reissued with permission from the artists in downloadable/streaming format on the Oxidation Records label. Available via Bandcamp on a "name your price" basis are:

In addition to its archival releases, Oxidation has been putting out excellent new music as well. Some of the Illinois-based label's disc and cassette titles have included works by Jorge Castro's new DEFORMA project, and Martin Steinebach's Compest and StillStand.

Contact us

Correspondence is welcome! Write to Fusion Audio at fusionaudiorecordings@gmail.com.